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Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions

Question: Where can I find the registration form?
Answer: here

Question: How much is the inscription fee to the tournament?
Answer: 250,00€ (see also complete information here)

Question: What is the Bank information for the fee transfer?
Answer: Munich Rugby Football Club
Sort code 70051540
account number 641316
IBAN Number DE58700515400000641316
(see also complete information here)

Question: When will the sevens tournament take place?
Answer:  Every year it takes place on the second Saturday of the Octoberfest in September (see also complete information here)

Question: Where will the tournament take place?
Answer: The tournament will be played in Görzerstrasse 55, 81549 Munich, Germany.

Question: At what time will the tournament start?
Answer: The Captains’ meeting is planned at 8H30 a.m. punctual and the kick-off of the first games is at 9H00 a.m. This is especially important when considering that the final has to be played at day light (in autumn and in Munich, night comes earlier!).

Question: Is it possible to retire from the tournament? And is it possible to be reimbursed for the inscription?
Answer: In case of an official resignation of the tournament, the following percentages are refunded:
* 80% up to 90 days before the tournament.
* 50% up .to 60 days before the tournament.
* 20% .up to 31 days before the tournament.
0% starting from the 30th day before the tournament.
*only for the registration to the Octoberfest 7´s.

Question: When is the last date of inscription for the tournament?
Answer: It is still possible to inscribe to the tournament up to the  September (one week before the tournament). Of course, the inscription will not be possible if the maximal number of teams (32) is fulfilled.

Question: Does the inscription price include drinks and food or a T-Shirt? If no, what are the prices?
Answer: The inscription fee covers the costs for the pitches, referees, cups, first aid and other administrative expenses. Drinks and food are not included.


FAQ for Accomodation:

Question: Do you help us to find some accommodation?
Answer: As you can imagine, this question is one of the most asked. We can effectively help you finding some accommodations, but this has to be done in an “interactive way”. It means that we expect from your side a contact person. From our side, we will do our best to help you to call some hotels, camping place or rooms. We can already give you some useful links:

For camping places: here
München Thalkirchen
Zentralländstr. 49
81379 Munich
Tel.: 0049(0)89/7 23 17 07
Fax: 0049(0)89/7 24 31 7

Wies'n Camp (opened only during the Octoberfest)
Olympische Reitanlage
München Riem
Schichtlstraße 46-48
81929 Munich
Tel.: 0049(0)1805-331130 (12 ct./Min)
Fax: 0049 (0)89-55079008
E-Mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

For hotels:
This is a first link of possible hotels: are some addresses of hotels:

Hotel Europa / Karlsfeld
Gartenstrasse 1
0049 (0)8131 91471
Double room : EUR 77 incl. breakfast

Hotel Schwertfirm / Karlsfeld
Tel.: 0049 (0)8131 90050
Double room : EUR 120 incl. breakfast
Triple room : EUR 150 incl. breakfast

Hotel Janette / Karlsfeld
Tel.: 0049 (0)8131 59610
Double room : EUR 80 incl. breakfast

Gaststätte Pension Augustenfeld / Dachau
Schleißheimerstrasse 99
Tel.: 0049 (0)8131 12145
Double room : EUR 77 incl. breakfast

See also the web page of the tourism information for Munich and the cities close to Munich (Unterhaching, Taufkirchen, Neubiberg, Ottobrunn, Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, Aying, Fürstenfeldbruck, Germering, Dachau). They may help you finding addresses for your accommodation.

Note that as alternative to camping, hotel or guest house, you could also look to rent a flat for the week-end. Last year, one team even rented 2 camping cars. Original but why not!


FAQ for rules:

Question: What is the minimal age to participate to the tournament?
Answer: The tournament is opened for players above 18 years old (consequently no U15, U17 teams).

Question: Is it possible to inscribe an Old Boys’ team?
Answer:  On Friday before the Oktoberfest Sevens there is an Old Boys’ tournament. We encourage your team therefore to take part in this Oktoberfest Golden Oldies tournament. Nevertheless, participation of an Old Boys’ team to the tournament is not strictly forbidden (no maximal age of participants).

Question: What is the level of the tournament?
Answer:  When looking back on the participation of past years tournament, different types of teams entered the tournament: from “on-tour” teams aiming to join sport during the tournament and fun during Octoberfest, to good level teams who want to evaluate their performances by encountering teams of their level. We try to adapt the game schedule in such a way that types of teams enjoy the tournament and achieve their sport-related objectives.

Question: Is it possible to get a game schedule for the tournament?
Answer: This question is mainly asked from teams who definitively enter in the final and who want to prepare their teams according to their potential opponents. It is quite difficult to make up in advance the definitive game schedule, because it is not seldom that teams inscribe in the last days, and some teams simply do not appear on Saturday morning due to unexpected beer consumption on the previous Friday night… Therefore we have to be each year very flexible to set up the game schedule. Nevertheless, we will do our best to provide as much information as possible (already inscribed teams, number of pools, …).

Question: Is it possible to know the inscribed teams to the tournament?
Answer: see previous question.

Question: Is their a limit for the number of participants per team?
Answer: Each team should have at maximum 12 participants for the whole tournament. It is clear that if you want to come with more players, we can arrange “pirate” teams in such a way that everyone plays and enjoys the day. If you bring 20 players or more you should inscribe two teams.

Question: Do we need a permission from German rugby league to be able to participate to the tournament?
Answer:  No, the Oktoberfest Sevens tournament takes place outside of the regular German Rugby Board’s Leagues.